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About Kew Gardens Synagogue


Rabbi Ephraim Tanenbaum

Mora DeAsra


​​Rabbi Aryeh Sokoloff

Rabbi Emeritus


Gregory Binkiewicz



About KGS

In this fast-changing world, Kew Gardens has been a changing community.

The changes-in human life, in the Jewish situation, in the local Kew Gardens scene have posed big challenges. They have confronted us, and the story of the past couple of decades is the story of how we have responded.


Our Synagogue has spread the Torah world. It has been a force for spiritual growth and a factor for a stable life in a time of universal upset and confusion.

Adath Yeshurun shares effectively in all efforts for the Torah cause, for defense of Jewish interests in the U.S. and abroad, for the support and security of Israel, for Soviet Jewry and other persecuted communities, for the rights of American Jewry and world Jewry.


From the very beginning of our Congregation’s existence, we have endeavored to serve the Jewish community of Kew Gardens with a deep awareness of the obligations of a Beth Haknesseth and with a sense of commitment which has reflected the highest standards of Judaism.

History of KGS

The Kew Gardens Synagogue is one of the oldest Jewish congregations in the central Queens area of New York City. Those who establish the synagogue came from many different ethnic backgrounds, including many who escaped the Holocaust in Europe and were able to come together to establish a congregation that has been a place of prayer and charity for the past 65 years. In that time the synagogue has witnessed its congregation grow from a modest 14 congregants to its now thriving community of 380 active members.


The Kew Gardens Synagogue throughout its 65-year history has been more than a house of worship.

The services the synagogue provides to the community include a nursery school, youth activities such as little league baseball and sports programs for all children, sabbath youth groups, educational and cultural programs for men and women, including study groups and cultural lectures given by reputed individuals from outside the synagogue. The synagogue has also developed special programs to support single parent families, and assist recent immigrants from the Soviet Union in adapting to life in the United States.


The Kew Gardens Synagogue has survived many trials and tribulations during its first half century, but it has survived and prospered as a place the community turns to in times of joy and need.


KGS Ladies’ Auxiliary has contributed an important role in advancing the religious horizons of all whose lives it has touched. The Ladies’ Auxiliary hold different activities, meetings, lectures, social gatherings, annual brunch fundraisers to support many important community projects.


The Annual Bazaar is among one of the important activities that LA holds. At this busy & demanding project, the members share in the assistance of collecting the merchandise to be offered for sale.

For all eruv informations please call: (718) 849-ERUV (3788)


Support Our Shul

For donations over the phone, please call the Kew Gardens Synagogue office at 718-849-7988

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